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About this game

Tuxánci are czechoslovak multiplatform action game. In the begining it was inspired by czech game Bulánci (which is however only for MS Windows), but now it goes its own way. The game is programmed in language C and the rendering core is based on SDL library. Man can play two-players game on one computer or in network multiplayer.


At present we work on new version of Tuxánci which is in comparsion to the first – old – version completely rewritten and in addition it's built on higher resolution – 800×600. It's also waiting for spick-and-span graphics, MasterServer support and lots of other features. We'll be glad to sign up new developers, testers and other helpers. :-)


Developers and feedback

Behind Tuxánci stand these people:

  • Oroborus – main developer
  • helb – main graphic designer
  • xHire – assistant programmer, tester, sponsor of webhosting, wiki maintainer
  • paces – Windows port, IRC channel maintainer
  • Timoo – Mac OS X port
  • avp8 – sponsor of domain

If you would like to tell developers something, you can do it in the discussion or on our IRC channel #tuxanci on server We are looking forward to your impressions, opinions, bug reports etc! :-)

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